Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: October 3rd – October 9th

Happy practicing!


  1. Is it time to get rid of the Jones Act?
  2. Will the Electoral Reform Act protect the legitimacy of future presidential elections?
  3. Will rising crime rates become a focal issue in the midterm elections?
  4. Will the EPA’s new efforts to fight environmental racism bear fruit?
  5. What will be the implications of the recent housing slowdown?

We apologize for the disproportionate coverage of Europe in this week’s questions. Although we seek to provide a balanced coverage of world events, there have been many recent developments relating to the Russia-Ukraine war. We are including two extra questions to accommodate.

  1. Will recent defeats lead the Russian regime to nuclear weapons?
  2. Has Liz Truss already lost her governing mandate?
  3. Is Europe responding forcefully enough to presumed Russian sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines?
  4. How will the leadership of Giorgia Meloni shape Italy’s future?
  5. Is it too late to prevent El Salvador from slipping into dictatorship?
  6. Why is Kazakhstan drifting apart from Russia?
  7. Should more European countries nationalize their energy sources, like Germany did with Uniper?

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