Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: October 10th – October 16th

Happy practicing!


  1. How concerned should Democrats be about recent Republican polling gains?
  2. Will Biden’s recent marijuana expungement cause a ripple effect across the states?
  3. Will the Fed have to repeat their actions from the 1970s to quell persistent inflation?
  4. Should Congress have passed legislation loosening permitting reform?
  5. How should the court rule in /National Pork Producers Council v. Ross/?


  1. How worried should Lula de Silva be going into the second round of Brazil’s elections?
  2. What impact will OPEC+’s recent production changes have on the U.S.-Saudi relationship?
  3. Should the West respond to North Korea’s latest missile tests any differently than they have in the past?
  4. How should Thailand revise its gun policies in light of a mass shooting at a daycare?
  5. What steps should the international community take to stabilize the situation in Haiti?

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