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Extemp Source List

Jimmy Gao’s Parting Reflections on Extemp

Advanced Substructure Part 1, Advanced Substructure Part 2, Advanced Substructure Part 3

6 Tips and Tricks for Online Tournaments

The Statement of Significance: An Underutilized Tool

The Ultimate Novice Guide to Extemp

5 Tips for Effective Filing

Practice Strategies for Extemp

The Extemper’s Handbook


Interview with USX National Champion Jimmy Gao

Interview with the MBA & NSDA Impromptu Champion Mo Marks

Interview with IX National Champion Rene Otero

Interview with Brian Zheng

Strategy Pieces:

How to Talk About Elections (Responsibly)

How to Answer “How” Questions

Book Summaries Part 1

Book Summaries Part 2

The Art of AGDs

Nonverbal Communication in Extemporaneous Speaking

“Dressing Up” Underprepared Speeches


Putin, Nalvany, and the Complicated Mess that is Russian Politics

Israel and Palestine, Explained

China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Explained

Foreign Policy Under Biden, Explained

American Political Polarization, Explained

Central America, Explained

National Points Race Updates (2020-2021 Season):

Our National Points Race Methodology

September Update

October Update

November Update

December Update

January Update

February Update

Meta Pieces:

Fighting Impostor Syndrome in Extemp

Conquering the Crowd

Overcoming the Struggles of Small School Speech

A Collection of Quotes


Doing Something Right | Interview with Michelle Jin and Aidan Marks The Extemper's Bible

A virtual tournament in 2023, that also happens to be split. Stanford Champions Michelle and Aidan join Kevin and Sruti to talk questions, and questionable practice strategies. Apart from a still wrapped magazine, there's the plague of senioritis, a rehash of the California circuit discussion, and of course, the upcoming span of nationals!
  1. Doing Something Right | Interview with Michelle Jin and Aidan Marks
  2. Fast Preps and Faster Flights | Interview with Teddy Gercken
  3. Considering Interp with Akshita Krishnan
  4. State of the Season with Logan Scisco | 2022-2023 Mid-Season Review
  5. Potomac Back on the Map | Interview with Taylor Burris