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Hypothetically Carefree | Interview with Jack Ververis The Extemper's Bible

Florida: known for its harsh climate, harsher politics, and possibly an even harsher field of extempers. In this episode, Kevin and McKinley are joined by Blue Key champion and NSDA IX finalist Jack Ververis who, despite missing our last invite for the podcast, is finally on to tell us about a new tenet of his. Key to his success? Having fun, and hating on cryptocurrencies (Jack was right about FTX?!). A callback to Brazil, Georgia with the midterm moves, and looking forward to UT Longhorn are all included.
  1. Hypothetically Carefree | Interview with Jack Ververis
  2. That Extemp School (Which Now Does Interp) | Plano West Sr. High School Group Call
  3. The Extemp Central Crossover | Interview with Logan Scisco Part Two
  4. The Extemp Central Crossover | Interview with Logan Scisco Part One
  5. Extemp's Many Layers | USX Finalists Group Call