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Welcome to the Extemper’s Bible! Have any questions? Feel free to shoot us any via Instagram (@theextempersbible) or email us (ananth@extempers.org).

Who are we?

The Extemper’s Bible is an organization that seeks to provide free extemp resources for the extemp community. Run by a mix of high school extempers and former extemp alum, we seek to become the largest extemp resource available nationwide. On our website, you’ll find weekly questions, topic briefings, strategy pieces, interviews, and more.


Extemporaneous speaking is a truly special event that provides students with the ability to think critically, make new friends, and learn about the world. Unfortunately, resource disparities prevent this activity from being as equitable as it should be. That’s where we come in, providing free resources to the extemp community so everyone can become a better and more confident public speaker.

How can I help?

If you find this extemp resource help, others might too! So, please try to spread the word about this resource if you can — it would mean a lot to us!


If you want some other resources to help you along your extemp career, check out Answering the Question! Here’s a little bit about them, courtesy of their team:

Who are we?

Answering the Question is run by high schoolers from diverse backgrounds across the nation. Many of us participate in speech and debate, specifically Extemporaneous Speaking, where we have developed abilities to form cohesive arguments and explain complex issues in a concise fashion. All of us at Answering the Question are passionate about current events and speaking up against social injustice.


Our main goal is to raise awareness and educate others about current events. Right now amidst these chaotic, unfamiliar times, many people are only focused on the events in their own lives. We strive to help others be more aware of and gain perspective of major domestic and international issues.

What do we do?

We release articles and audio recordings of articles analyzing different current events issues.

Check out testimonials from our free private sessions and free camp!

Truly a special idea. Some of the best extempers in the country sharing their insight and helping us get better for free…definitely a huge help!

Dev Ahuja: Solon, Ohio

I feel like this lesson changed my entire viewpoint of extemp, demystifying the art of creating a narrative and structuring a speech.

Gaayatri Binoj: St. Louis, Missouri

Incredible camp and I learned so much! It’s amazing that we got the opportunity to learn from some of the best extempers in the country.

Rishika Bansal: Scarsdale, New York

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