Our Mission

Who are we?

The Extemper’s Bible is a non-profit organization that provides free extemp resources for the extemp community. Run by a mix of high school extempers and former extemp alum, we’re one of the largest resources for speech & debate available nationwide. On our website, you’ll find weekly practice questions, topic briefings, strategy pieces, a national points race, and more.

Why extemp?

Extemporaneous speaking is a truly special event that provides students with the ability to think critically, make new friends, and learn about the world. Unfortunately, resource disparities prevent this activity from being as equitable as it should be. That’s where the Extemper’s Bible comes in, providing free resources to the extemp community so everyone can become a better and more confident public speaker.

How can I help?

If you find this extemp resource help, others might too! So, please try to spread the word about this resource if you can — it would mean a lot to us!