Meet the Team


Ananth Veluvali

Managing Directors:

McKinley Paltzik, Gabriel Bo

National Points Race, Weekly Questions Coordinators, Executive Directors:

Steve Asthana and Jimmy Gao

Director of Content, Podcasting Director:

Kevin Li

Directors of Outreach:

Anirudh Prasanna, Kyle Letterer

Director of Equity:

Arjun Raman

Director of Social Media:

Christie Peng

Old Team:

Managing Director: Ananth Veluvali (2020, 2021)

Director of Social Media: Katelyn Cai (2020, 2021)

Director of Outreach: Peter Alisky (2020, 2021); Adi Kalahasti (2021)

Director of Content: Mukta Dharmapurikar (2021)

Director of Podcasting: Chirag Choudhary (2021)

Director of Technology: Dev Ahuja (2021); Arjun Raman (2021)