Meet the Team

Founder, Managing Director: Ananth Veluvali
National Points Race Coordinators: Steve Asthana and Jimmy Gao
Weekly Questions Coordinators: Steve Asthana and Jimmy Gao
Weekly Quizzes Coordinators: Anne Smith and Chirag Choudhary
Director of Content:
Mukta Dharmapurikar
Directors of Technology: Dev Ahuja, Arjun Raman, and Will Ford
Directors of Social Media: Christie Peng and Arjun Raman (prev. Katelyn Cai)
Directors of Outreach: Aditya Kalahasti and Peter Alisky
Director of Podcasting: Chirag Choudhary, Kevin Li (prev. Ananth Veluvali)
Director of Equity: Katelyn Cai
Chief Copy Editor: Zachary Akeson (prev. Neil Gupta)
Staff Writers: Sanjay Amirthraj, Pinak Chitnis, Aprajitha Donthula, Will Ford, Vikash Giritharan, Govind Pattathil, Christie Peng, Krish Shah, Anne Smith, Vikram Sundaram, Peter Alisky, and Olivia Yang.
Content Lecturers: Ananth Veluvali, Jimmy Gao, Steve Asthana, Arjun Raman, Katelyn Cai, Vikash Giritharan, Dev Ahuja, Aditya Kalahasti, Peter Alisky.