Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: September 26th – October 2nd

Happy practicing!


  1. Why was Puerto Rico so heavily affected by Hurricane Fiona?
  2. How serious of a threat does an election interference investigation in Georgia pose to Donald Trump?
  3. Is the Fed raising interest rates too aggressively?
  4. Did President Biden err in declaring the pandemic over?
  5. Is Biden’s new “open science” plan a good idea?


  1. Will the newest wave of protests in Iran end differently than they did in 2019?
  2. Did Putin make a strategic err in calling up additional soldiers to the war in Ukraine?
  3. Will Yair Lapid be able to make good on his commitment to a two-state solution?
  4. What steps does the Chinese government need in response to its faltering housing industry?
  5. How should the international community respond to a measles outbreak in Zimbabwe?

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