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The Extemper’s Bible is a regularly-updated extemp resource with weekly practice questions, topic analysis & extemp strategy pieces, a national points race, interviews, and more! Check out our most recent articles below and check out our best reads here!

Weekly Questions: July 26th – August 2nd (Basketball and Baseball)

Basketball Who are the favorites to win the 2021-2022 NBA Championship? Is it time for the Portland Trail Blazers to blow it up? What’s the best move for the Philadelphia 76ers this off-season? Would the NBA benefit from adding a mid-season tournament? Will more young prospects turn to the G-League instead of attending college?Baseball Are […]

Weekly Questions will be Culture-Focused for the Summer!

We hope everyone is having a great summer! For the next five weeks, the Extemper’s Bible will be releasing modified versions of our usual weekly questions, with eight questions each week focusing on elements of modern culture. We’re writing the questions about your hobbies, interests, and guilty pleasures that you wish you’d gotten in tournament, […]

Economics 101

Economics is one of the more difficult subjects that extemp covers. In this article, Ananth Veluvali breaks down interest rates and modern monetary theory.

5 Reasons to Join Speech and Debate

The speech and debate season is coming up in less than two months, which means it’s time for recruitment! Hopefully, this ‘sales pitch’ for joining the speech and debate team helps! This article was written by Ananth Veluvali.

5 Steps to Improve Over the Summer

While summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and the sweet feeling of freedom that comes with having no homework, it’s also a great time to improve your extemp skills. In this article, Ananth Veluvali delves into some tips and tricks for becoming a better extemper over the summer.

2020-21 National Points Race, Nationals Update: Rollins, Dharmapurikar, Veluvali, Pattathunaduvil and Holley Each Claim a Title

Welcome to the final monthly update on the standings and tournament results for the 2020-21 National Points Race! This edition features the results from the end-of-season “national” tournaments: the University of Kentucky Tournament of Champions, the Northwestern University Extemp Tournament of Champions, the National Catholic Forensics League Grand Nationals, and the National Speech and Debate Association […]


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