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The Extemper’s Bible is a regularly-updated extemp resource with weekly practice questions, topic analysis & extemp strategy pieces, a national points race, interviews, and more! Check out our most recent articles below and check out our best reads here!

Extemp Seminars #2: Europe and AGDs

The topic for our second of many seminars will be Europe and AGDs. You’ll learn all about the European status-quo, and about AGDs and On-Tops, essential tools for Extempers. Come join our next seminar March 4th!

The Statement of Significance: An Underutilized Tool

The statement of significance is an important, albeit underutilized tool in extemporaneous speaking. In a single 10 second statement, your judge will either feel connected or distanced from your topic. Thus, nailing this part of the speech is critical to being a successful speaker. In this article, learn some tips about how to utilize statements […]

Interview with RenĂ© Otero

In April of 2020, I was fortunate enough to interview RenĂ© Otero, the 2019 IX NSDA National Champion. The paraphrased version of that interview can be found below. The full version can be found on our podcast, the Extemper’s Bible! This article was written by Ananth Veluvali.

Book Summaries: Part 2

Citing a book (or books!) is one of the most impressive things you can do in an extemp speech. Beyond presenting an opportunity to cite distinguished scholars, books typically hold complex political, social, and economic theories that add sophistication to your speeches. Below is a list of a few books (with their summaries) you may […]


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