Welcome to the Extemper’s Bible!

Welcome to the Extemper’s Bible!

We’re a regularly-updated extemp resource with weekly questions, topic analysis & extemp strategy pieces, a national points race, interviews, and more! Check out our most recent articles below!

Check out our most recent articles!

Why Extemp isn’t the Best Event

In this article, Mukta Dharmapurikar lays out the benefits of diversifying your Speech and Debate experiences in order to better your own extemp and our community.

Extemp Seminars #1: Biden Cabinet Officials

The Extemper’s Bible has been the go-to source for extempers across the nation to find resources on demand. We’ve brought new weekly questions, strategy pieces, interviews, and more. Now, we’re bringing something new to the table: curated seminars for ALL extempers.