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Weekly Questions: October 31st – November 6th

USX Weekly Questions
  1. Should the attack on Paul Pelosi serve as an omen of increasing political violence in the U.S.?
  2. Can Meta recover from its recent slump?
  3. Will Christine Drazan win the governorship in Oregon?
  4. Will Joe Biden come to regret his protectionist industrial policy?
  5. What steps do national education policymakers need to take to address America’s recent education struggles?

IX Weekly Questions
  1. Will additional sanctions generate reforms in Nicaragua?
  2. Will Netanyahu return to power in Israel?
  3. How would the use of a “dirty bomb” change the stakes of the conflict in Ukraine?
  4. How concerned should the global community be about a “variant soup” of COVID surges this winter?
  5. How will Xi Jinping’s consolidation of power affect the future of Chinese policy?

National Points Race

You can read the season breakdown here. Check out the current podium standings! (Updated after Bronx)

1stMcKinley Paltzik, Phoenix Country Day (AZ)1500
2ndTheodore Gerken, College Prep (CA)900
3rdKevin Li, Ridge (NJ)875

Are you a podcast junkie? We have a podcast as well, with our latest episodes linked down below!

Hypothetically Carefree | Interview with Jack Ververis The Extemper's Bible

Florida: known for its harsh climate, harsher politics, and possibly an even harsher field of extempers. In this episode, Kevin and McKinley are joined by Blue Key champion and NSDA IX finalist Jack Ververis who, despite missing our last invite for the podcast, is finally on to tell us about a new tenet of his. Key to his success? Having fun, and hating on cryptocurrencies (Jack was right about FTX?!). A callback to Brazil, Georgia with the midterm moves, and looking forward to UT Longhorn are all included.
  1. Hypothetically Carefree | Interview with Jack Ververis
  2. That Extemp School (Which Now Does Interp) | Plano West Sr. High School Group Call
  3. The Extemp Central Crossover | Interview with Logan Scisco Part Two