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Weekly Questions: September 19th – September 25th

USX Weekly Questions
  1. Will the cash differences between Republican and Democratic campaigns be decisive in determining the outcome of the midterm elections?
  2. Will Republican governors’ immigration stunts achieve their intended effects?
  3. Will Biden’s new “moonshot for cancer” initiative succeed?
  4. What impacts will the recent labor tensions involving rail worker unions have on the global supply chain?
  5. What should the federal government do to increase the uptake of updated Omicron boosters?

IX Weekly Questions
  1. Why did the far right win in Sweden?
  2. Does Jair Bolsonaro still have a fighting chance in Brazil?
  3. What do recent Ukrainian gains signal about the eventual outcome of the war?
  4. Will the Armenia-Azerbaijan border clashes spill into a larger conflict?
  5. What can the international community do to combat the uptick in global slavery?

National Points Race

Congratulations to this year’s champion, Danny Kind! You can read the season breakdown here. We’re stoked for our upcoming 2022-2023 points race, where we have exciting changes in store!

Are you a podcast junkie? We have a podcast as well, with our latest episodes linked down below!

The Extemp Central Crossover | Interview with Logan Scisco Part Two The Extemper's Bible

If you didn't listen to part one, go do that now! Now that you're back for part two, McKinley and Kevin ask Scisco about the creation of Extemp Central, ongoing trends at the national level, and concerns over a post-pandemic world of speech and debate.
  1. The Extemp Central Crossover | Interview with Logan Scisco Part Two
  2. The Extemp Central Crossover | Interview with Logan Scisco Part One
  3. Extemp's Many Layers | USX Finalists Group Call