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The Extemper’s Bible is a regularly-updated extemp resource with weekly practice questions, topic analysis & extemp strategy pieces, a national points race, interviews, and more! Check out our most recent articles below and check out our best reads here!

The 2021-22 National Points Race is Live! + Methodology Changes

After a successful launch last year, the Extemper’s Bible will once again host a Nationals Points Race in order to determine the country’s most consistent competitor across a series of nationally-recognized events. Following the model of the Extemp Central National Points Race, we will be using different tiers to determine the comparative difficulty of tournaments […]

Weekly Questions: August 29th – September 4th

USX Is a carbon border adjustment tax a good policy idea? What steps can the Biden administration take to prevent mass housing insecurity after the Supreme Court’s ruling against the eviction moratorium? Who will win the Democrats’ internal struggle between progressives and moderates? Should the Biden administration have authorized booster shots? Should Jerome Powell be […]

Recruiting an Extemp Team

In this article, Ananth Veluvali breaks down how you, as a captain, can recruit people for your extemp team. This will be Part 1 in a longer series about starting, managing, and leading your team.


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