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Weekly Questions: May 9th – May 15th

USX Weekly Questions
  1. Will monetary policy changes be enough to lower the price of homes in the US?
  2. How should pro-choice activists respond to the impending reversal of Roe v. Wade?
  3. Does the impending reversal of Roe v. Wade open the door for future policy changes on contraception and same-sex marriage?
  4. What does JD Vance’s victory in the Ohio Senate primary signal about Republicans’ electoral strategy this fall?
  5. Should the Biden administration implement a ban on menthol cigarettes?
IX Weekly Questions
  1. Will Bongbong Marcos be a good leader for the Philippines?
  2. Was the Mexican legislature right to have rejected AMLO’s electricity reforms?
  3. How effective will the G7’s commitment to stop buying Russian oil be?
  4. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, has the prospect of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan become more or less likely?
  5. Would a “European Political Community” be a suitable alternative to formal membership into the EU for Ukraine?

National Points Race

current podium standings (last updated after Harvard and Cal)

1stDaniel Kind (6450 points)
2ndMarc Zavarro (3100 points)
3rdCameron Roberts (2175 points)

Are you a podcast junkie? We have a podcast as well, with our latest episodes linked down below!

Russia Sucks and Here’s Why | The Global Toll of War The Extemper's Bible

In a special spin-off episode of our news series, Kevin delves into the Russo-Ukrainian war just in time for you to absorb the info before TOCs. Take notes, simply memorize, whatever. Just don't use any of this if you hit Kevin or Chirag in a room.
  1. Russia Sucks and Here’s Why | The Global Toll of War
  2. The MBA Superstar on Equity and Notecards | Interview with McKinley Paltzik
  3. Stopping Kind and Predicting the Future of America | Interview with Marc Zavarro