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  • Constraining Dictatorship: From Personalized Rule to Institutionalized Regimes
    Constraining Dictatorship is a masterfully executed book that weaves in empirical analysis made to explain how executive constraints on autocratic leaders emerge, and the effects of institutionalization on a regime.
  • National Champions Running an Extemp Camp
    Between the two of them, Ananth Veluvali and Peter Alisky have won NSDA Nationals and NCFL Nationals, and they’ve also placed in the top three of prestigious tournaments like the TOC and MBA. They were also the managing director and outreach director for the Extemper’s Bible, respectively. Now, they’re hoping to help the extemp community […]
  • Empowering Extempers: Our Equity Initiative
    I am thrilled to share our ambitious roadmap, aimed at bridging the gap in access to speech and debate resources, specifically for middle school students and underprivileged communities. But our initiative is not just about providing opportunities; it is about building a supportive speech community for everyone. Our Summer Camp, Mentorship and Training We are […]

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Weekly Questions: April 3rd – April 9th

USX Weekly Questions
  1. Should Trump be prosecuted over hush money payments to Stormy Daniels?
  2. Will the recent shooting in Nashville create legislative change on gun safety?
  3. Will Kamala Harris’s recent visit to Africa help America form meaningful relationships on the continent?
  4. Should developers heed Elon Musk’s call and temporarily pause development of advanced AI systems?
  5. How should the federal government respond to alleged union busting at Starbucks?
IX Weekly Questions
  1. Can grassroots protests save Israeli democracy?
  2. What would be the implications of a Russian victory in Bakhmut?
  3. Will Tsai Ing-wen come to regret her decision to meet Kevin McCarthy?
  4. What policies, if any, could have prevented a deadly fire at a Mexican detention center?
  5. Should the ICJ find Vanuatu’s climate justice lawsuit successful?

National Points Race

You can read the season breakdown here. Check out the current podium standings! (Updated after Cal Invitational)

1stMcKinley Paltzik, Phoenix Country Day (AZ)5700
2ndSruti Peddi, BASIS Scottsdale (AZ)3800
3rdTheodore Gerken, College Prep (CA)3625

Are you a podcast junkie? We have a podcast as well, with our latest episodes linked down below!

Promises & Podcasts | Interview with Pierce McDade The Extemper's Bible

For the UKTOC's return to an in-person tournament comes a new extemp champion! Kevin and Sruti join Pierce McDade for an interview that's long overdue. But no need to glaze him anymore—iykyk. Meet the Economist addict, PhD-level tag maker (on PhDs), and the embodiment of the HI-to-Extemp pipeline.
  1. Promises & Podcasts | Interview with Pierce McDade
  2. Becoming Cambridge Tour Guides | Harvard Finalists Group Call
  3. Fast Preps and Faster Flights | Interview with Teddy Gercken