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  • What is the “Pink Tide” ?
    Summary: The “Pink Tide” is happening for the second time, but this time different issues are being looked at. In this article, Annika Anand gives a brief introduction on the “Pink Tide” and explains what the future holds for the movement.
  • What Reaching the Debt Ceiling Really Means
    The debt ceiling, a primary cause of debate for partisan politics, was reached over the past week. In this topic analysis, Akshita Krishnan talks about what this means for the economy and American politics.
  • Weekly Questions: January 30th – February 4th
    Happy practicing!

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Weekly Questions: December 5th – December 11th

USX Weekly Questions
  1. Will the cryptocurrency industry be able to recover from the FTX scandal?
  2. Is Eric Adams’ new proposal addressing mental illness a good idea?
  3. Has Biden fully healed the US’s relationship with France?
  4. Will Democrats be able to avoid a showdown on the debt ceiling?
  5. What would be the best order for the first states of the presidential primary?

IX Weekly Questions
  1. Will additional sanctions generate reforms in Nicaragua?
  2. Do anti-COVID protests represent a real threat to Xi Jinping’s legitimacy?
  3. Did the World Cup succeed in raising Qatar’s national reputation?
  4. Does Cyril Ramaphosa have a political future?
  5. How effective will the new price cap on Russian oil be?
  6. Does Russia’s postponement of talks surrounding the New START Treaty raise the prospect of nuclear conflict?

National Points Race

You can read the season breakdown here. Check out the current podium standings! (Updated after Bronx)

1stMcKinley Paltzik, Phoenix Country Day (AZ)2400
2ndSruti Peddi, BASIS Scottsdale (AZ)2250
3rdTheodore Gerken, College Prep (CA)1575

Are you a podcast junkie? We have a podcast as well, with our latest episodes linked down below!

State of the Season with Logan Scisco | 2022-2023 Mid-Season Review The Extemper's Bible

In the inaugural episode of our new, semi-seasonal series, Kevin, Sruti, and Logan Scisco recap the significant tournaments of the season so far while looking forward to MBA. Congratulations to all 16 invitees!
  1. State of the Season with Logan Scisco | 2022-2023 Mid-Season Review
  2. Potomac Back on the Map | Interview with Taylor Burris
  3. Hypothetically Carefree | Interview with Jack Ververis