Weekly Questions: August 29th – September 4th

Happy practicing!


  1. Will the IRS’s newest funding increase solve the agency’s problems?
  2. Can Charlie Crist defeat Ron DeSantis?
  3. Did Biden make the right move on student debt forgiveness?
  4. Does California’s impending ban signal the end for the gas-powered car?
  5. How will a federal court’s ruling in Ogletree v. Cleveland State affect the future of education?


  1. Is a Lula de Silva win in Brazil all but guaranteed?
  2. Will the latest election in Angola serve as a wake-up call for the MPLA?
  3. What is the most likely outcome for the war in Ukraine?
  4. Who will win in the struggle for power in Pakistan?
  5. Should more countries try to replicate Germany’s 9-Euro-Ticket?

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