Calling All Speakers, 2022-2023 Leadership Applications

Want to write for or work at The Extemper’s Bible? Here’s your chance to join!

It’s that time of year—the start of a new season—and The Extemper’s Bible is looking for additional members for the upcoming 2022-2023 season. The following are our open positions.

Book Reviewer will read, summarize, and review 1-2 books a month for articles on The Extemper’s Bible website.

Social Media Director will design and post engaging content for The Extemper’s Bible Instagram and YouTube shorts. Content will be posted roughly once a week.

Podcast Host will join Kevin as a host on the Extemper’s Bible podcast about twice a month. We’re looking for a rising junior who will take over the podcast next year.

Staff Writer will write at least 10 articles for The Extemper’s Bible blog. These can range from topic breakdowns to reflections on the event, you have complete creative freedom and a flexible schedule.

Tech Director will have WordPress and web design experience to revamp and manage The Extemper’s Bible Website.

National Points Race Manager will keep track of competitive results throughout the season and update the NPR section of our website accordingly. Google Sheets/Excel experience is a plus.

You can apply through a Google Form here.

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