Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: August 22nd – August 28th

Happy practicing!


  1. Will the Inflation Reduction Act meaningfully reduce inflation?
  2. Should Liz Cheney run for president?
  3. Will the CDC succeed in carrying out internal reforms?
  4. Should Gavin Newsom sign a bill legalizing safe injection sites?
  5. How should federal lawmakers respond to Facebook’s involvement in a Nebraska abortion case?


  1. Is a nuclear catastrophe surrounding a Ukrainian power plant inevitable?
  2. Which of the Tories’ two remaining candidates is best equipped to take over for Boris Johnson?
  3. Has the international community done enough to address the global food crisis?
  4. How concerned should Chinese leaders be about the country’s economic future?
  5. How will the death of al-Qaeda’s leader affect the global fight against terrorism?

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