Weekly Questions

Changes to Weekly Questions + Questions: August 15th – August 21st

Read here for updates on how Weekly Questions will be developed. Happy practicing!

We hope you had a restful summer! The Extemper’s Bible is resuming its weekly questions for this year.

First, we would like to thank all of our respondents to the feedback form we sent out in June. Based off that survey, we will make some adjustments for this year:

In USX, the first three questions each week will be political, economic, and social in some order. In IX, there will be an Asia/China/Middle East question and an Europe question each week, with the other regions rotating in accordance with world events in order to accurately cover all regions.

The first three questions in each category will be relatively easy (they will often, but not always, be yes-or-no questions). For extempers hoping to challenge themselves, the fourth and fifth questions will each be more difficult than the previous.

Due to time constraints, we will continue to write five questions in each category weekly.

If you have further comments on The Extemper’s Bible’s weekly questions, the feedback form will remain open at this link. Thank you for your support, and happy practicing!


  1. Will the U.S.’s new “book income tax” do more harm or good?
  2. How will the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago affect Trump’s future political moves?
  3. Has U.S. public health done enough to combat monkeypox?
  4. After the success of the Inflation Reduction Act, what should Democrats prioritize next?
  5. Will Democrats be able to successfully rebrand Joe Biden as “Dark Brandon”?


  1. Will China’s recent set of military drills near Taiwan spill into a larger conflict?
  2. Should Kenya’s latest presidential election be considered a success for the country’s democracy?
  3. Is it too late to stop Giorgia Meloni from becoming Prime Minister of Italy?
  4. One year after its withdrawal, what immediate steps can the U.S. take to alleviate Afghanistan’s humanitarian crises?
  5. What impact will the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act have on global climate politics?

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