Weekly Questions: January 17th – January 23rd

Happy practicing!


  1. Will Biden’s embrace of the filibuster end the legislative stagnation in Congress?
  2. Has the Fed’s insider trading scandal seriously damaged its public reputation?
  3. Why is Donald Trump embracing vaccines so strongly?
  4. Has the CDC failed to successfully deliver public health messaging during the recent Omicron wave?
  5. Should the current rate of job quitting be a cause for alarm?


  1. How large of a threat does the NSO Group pose to international cybersecurity?
  2. Is there a real risk of a genocide of Muslims in India?
  3. Will Boris Johnson be forced out of office?
  4. Should NATO leaders have accepted Vladimir Putin’s demands during recent crisis talks?
  5. Will Omicron derail the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing?

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