Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: January 10th – January 16th

Happy practicing!

  1. How should the U.S. education system respond to the Omicron wave?
  2. Will Elizabeth Holmes’ conviction dissuade future fraud in the tech industry?
  3. Is the Biden administration doing too much, too little, or just enough to crack down on anti-competitive behavior?
  4. One year after the January 6th insurrection, has Congress done enough to protect American democracy?
  5. What should be Eric Adams’ top priority as the new mayor of New York City?


  1. Should other European leaders adopt Emmanuel Macron’s strategy of infuriating the unvaccinated?
  2. What will be the implications of Putin’s warming relationship with Kazakhstan?
  3. Why is the Chinese government cracking down on the tech sector?
  4. Do biased elections in Hong Kong signal the end of the region’s democracy?
  5. Will Abiy Ahmed releasing political prisoners lead to the end of Ethiopia’s civil war?

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