Weekly Questions: January 24th – January 30th

Happy practicing!


  1. Do Congressional Republicans need Donald Trump’s support in order to win in 2022?
  2. Did the Supreme Court rule correctly on Biden’s vaccine mandate?
  3. What implications will Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard have for the gaming industry?
  4. What can be done to stop 5G services from disrupting the aviation sector?
  5. Are anti-police sentiments from the 2020 racial justice protests to blame for America’s rising murder rate?


  1. Will CORBEVAX help the world meet its targets for COVID vaccination rates?
  2. Are government fines on the unvaccinated good public policy?
  3. How concerned should China be about its population growth slowdown?
  4. Can war between Ukraine and Russia still be averted?
  5. How will the split of president-elect Xiomara Castro’s ruling coalition affect her term as the leader of Honduras?

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