Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: September 6th – September 12th

Happy practicing!


  1. What would be the implications if Gavin Newsom was recalled?
  2. What are the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Whole Women’s Health v. Jackson?
  3. Are Biden’s lowered approval ratings here to stay?
  4. Can a clean electricity standard become a reality in America?
  5. Why are American companies staying quiet on Texas’s new abortion law?


  1. Can Guillermo Lasso make his agenda a reality in Ecuador?
  2. Will China gain more influence in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan?
  3. Who will win the constitutional battle between Poland and the European Union?
  4. Which regional actor is best poised to capitalize from the coup in Guinea?
  5. Who should replace Yoshihide Suga as the leader of Japan’s Liberal Democrats?

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