National Points Race

Summer 2021 update: This page is under construction. Expect details on the 2021-2022 National Points Race to come in late August.

Here, you can find the standings for the 2020-2021 National Points Race, which began with the University of Kentucky Speech and Debate Season Opener on September 12, 2020 and concluded with the NSDA National Tournament on June 18, 2021. Standings will be updated at the end of every month, featuring the tournament news of the month.

While we acknowledge that plenty of extraordinarily talented extempers may not travel frequently, the National Points Race seeks to identify the “best” extemper across a series of widely-recognized tournaments in the United States. Our scoring system heavily values consistency and attendance at major circuit events.

You can find information on the methodology behind the National Points Race here. As this is the first time the Extemper’s Bible is maintaining a competition of this scale, we are open to feedback on ways we can improve our scoring, including the addition or removal of tournaments and/or changes in point values across tiers. Feel free to send us suggestions at and; however, no changes will be made during the 2020-21 season once competition begins.

Unfortunately, for the inaugural season of the National Points Race, there will be no prize given to the winners (other than recognition from your fellow competitors!).

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Current Standings:

The 2020-2021 National Points Race has concluded. Please find our top finishers and final standings here!