National Points Race

Here, you can find the standings for the 2022-2023 National Points Race, which will begin with the University of Kentucky Speech and Debate Season Opener on September 12, 2022 and conclude with the NSDA National Tournament on June 17, 2023. Standings will be updated at the end of every month, featuring the tournament news of the month.

While we acknowledge that plenty of extraordinarily talented extempers may not travel frequently, the National Points Race seeks to identify the “best” extemper across a series of widely-recognized tournaments in the United States. Our scoring system heavily values consistency and attendance at major circuit events.

You can find information on the methodology behind the National Points Race for the 2022-23 season here. We are always open to feedback on ways we can improve our scoring, including the addition or removal of tournaments and/or changes in point values across tiers. Feel free to send us suggestions at and; however, no tournaments will be added/removed once competition begins.

Unfortunately, because the National Points Race is a volunteer project without a budget, there are no prizes given to the winners (other than recognition from your fellow competitors!).

Due to time constraints, there will not be a short description of each month’s happenings on the National Points Race page this season. If you’re interested in tracking how competitors are doing over time, go check out our Monthly Updates which review tournament results!

Current Standings (last updated after Cal Invitational):

1stMcKinley Paltzik, Phoenix Country Day (AZ)5700
2ndSruti Peddi, BASIS Scottsdale (AZ)3800
3rdTheodore Gercken, College Prep (CA)3625
4thKyle Letterer, Plano West (TX)3450
5thGabriel Bo, Plano West (TX)3100
6thPhoena Lin, Plano West (TX)2825
7thAmy Cao, Ridge (NJ)2400
8thKevin Li, Ridge (NJ)2375
9thTaylor Burris, Potomac (VA)2000
10thRohit Vakkalagadda, Bellarmine College Prep (CA)1700
T-11thJack Ververis, Trinity Prep (FL)
Jonathan Tubb, St Mary’s Hall (TX)
13thCharlotte Reitman, NSU (FL)1350
T-14thPierce McDade, University (IL)
Dev Ahuja, Solon (OH)
16thSiddharth Sudhakar, Nova (FL)1150
17thBrandon Cheng, Flintridge Prep (CA)1075
18thRaghav Ramki, Plano East (TX)1050
19thGordy Sun, Harker (CA)1025
20thVikram Sundaram, Solon (OH)1000
T-21stKatherine Lee, Plano West (TX)
Isaiah Sohn, Redlands (CA)
23rdTyler Crivella, Seven Lakes (TX)925
24thNathan Cai, Brophy (AZ)775
T-25thAbraham Zhang, Jasper (TX)
Nirja Trivedi, Westview (CA)

Previous Years:

2021-2022 National Points Race

  • Champion: Daniel Kind (Lake Highland Prep, FL)

2020-2021 National Points Race

  • Champion: Mukta Dharmapurikar (Durham Academy, NC)