National Points Race

Here, you can find the standings for the 2023-2024 National Points Race, which will begin with the University of Kentucky Speech and Debate Season Opener on September 9, 2023 and conclude with the NSDA National Tournament on June 21, 2024. Standings will be updated at the end of every month, featuring the tournament news of the month.

While we acknowledge that plenty of extraordinarily talented extempers may not travel frequently, the National Points Race seeks to identify the “best” extemper across a series of widely-recognized tournaments in the United States. Our scoring system heavily values consistency and attendance at major circuit events.

You can find information on the methodology behind the National Points Race for the 2023-24 season here. We are always open to feedback on ways we can improve our scoring, including the addition or removal of tournaments and/or changes in point values across tiers. Feel free to send us suggestions; however, no tournaments will be added/removed once competition begins.

Unfortunately, because the National Points Race is a volunteer project without a budget, there are no prizes given to the winners (other than recognition from your fellow competitors!).

Due to time constraints, there will not be a short description of each month’s happenings on the National Points Race page this season. If you’re interested in tracking how competitors are doing over time, go check out our Monthly Updates which review tournament results!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: While the Duke University tournament had a spot on the NPR going into the season, recent information has revealed that it will not be held.

Current Standings (after Princeton, UT, and GMU!):

1stLishore Kumar, Tomball Memorial (TX)1700
2nd TSruti Peddi, BASIS Scottsdale (AZ) 1625
2nd TRobert Zhang, Elkins (TX)1625
4th TAmy Cao, Ridge (NJ)1300
4th TBrandon Cheng, Flintridge Prep (CA)1300
4th TTaylor Burris, The Potomac School (VA)1300
7th TCharlotte Reitman, NSU (FL)1050
7th TTyler Crivella, Seven Lakes (TX)1050
9thEshaal Ubaid, Stuyveant (NY)1000
10thKate Liu, Plano East (TX)800
11thRonak Patel, American Heritage Broward (FL)775
12th TApril Zhang, Neuqua Valley (IL)750
12th TAkshaya Karanam, Mount Saint Mary (NJ)750
14th Vishnu Angiras, Shrewsbury (MA)725
15th TWaleed Haider, Hendrickson (TX)600
15th TKatherine Lee, Plano West (TX)600
15th TSiri Ural, Shrewsbury (MA)600
18thNavya Raju, Ridge (NJ)550
19th TVasu Lakshmanan, Shrewsbury (MA)525
19th TRohit Vakkalagadda, Bellermaine College Prep (CA)525
19th TMeredith Vorndran, The Potomac School (VA)525
22nd TSebastian Cunto, Regis (NY)500
22nd TLucas Mejia-Fanjul, Regis (NY)500
22nd TMadeline White, Gwynedd Mercy (PA)500
25thClaire Han, Munster (IN)450
26thIshika Kothari, Plano East (TX)400
27th TValerie Gu, Milton Academy (MA)350
27th TAnthony Babu, Concord Carlisle (MA)350
27th TArya Goyal, Scarsdale (NY)350
27th TElizabeth Ovelil, Desert Vista (AZ)350
27th TSkyler Burrus, American Heritage Palm Beach (FL)350
27th TDaniel Rupawalla, Tompkins (TX)350
27th TJack Anderson, Lincoln Southwest (NE)350
34th TChloe Leng, Hawken (OH)300
34th TSophia Wei, Plano West (TX)300
34th TPranav Kalakuntla, Plano West (TX)300
34th TLogan Mitchell, Martin Country (FL)300
38thKai Li, Stuyvesant (NY)275
39th TAparna Iyer, Ridge (NJ)250
39th TJoy Hu, Harker (CA)250
39th TMaximilian Guo, BASIS Indep. Silicon Valley (CA)250
39th TNoah Darby, St. Thomas More (LA)250
39th TKashish Priyam, Harker (CA)250
39th TGordy Sun, Harker (CA)250
39th TConnor Ennis, Durham (NC)250
39th TSumedh Seetharam, Scottsdale Prep (AZ)250
47th TKajal Parmar, Cary Academy (NC)225
47th TLuke Chung, Pine Creek (CO)225
47th TLexie Toshav, Isidore Newman (LA)225
50th TLayden Kennendy, Scarsdale (NY)200
50th TSam Kang, Hawken (OH)200
52nd John Germak, Regis (NY)150
53rd TCeline Li, Westridge (CA)125
53rd TAleksey Olkhovenko, Stuyvesant (NY)125
53rd TSven Stumbauer, Christopher Columbus (FL)125
53rd TAnish Mehta, Scarsdale (NY)125
53rd TSamantha Berk, Milton Acad (MA)125
53rd TDaphne Kalir-Starr, College Prep (CA)125
53rd TNathan Thomas, La Salle (PA)125
53rd TBrooke Klausner, Convent of the Sacred Heart (NY)125
53rd TClaire Chen, Westridge (CA)125
53rd TSafina Abramova, Milton Acad (MA)125
53rd TAlex Olshansky, Nova High School (FL)125
53rd TAlina Zaidi, Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy (FL)125
53rd TJacob Chanmugam, Lake Highland Prep (FL)125
53rd TJack Aaron, Trinity Prep School (FL)125
53rd TVanessa Wu, Bronx Science (NY)125
53rd TSasha Morel, Plano Senior (TX)125
53rd TSanjana Arulkumaran, Plano East (TX)125
53rd TAbraham Zhang, Plano West (TX)125
53rd TSebastian Perez-Navarro, Eastwood (TX)125
53rd TRehan Buvajji, Shepton (TX)125
53rd TAndrew Nager, Melissa (TX)125
53rd TManhua Kim, Plano Senior (TX)125
53rd TLily Waehner, James River-Midlothian (VA)125
53rd TKretyu Ramanathan, Riverside  (SC)125
53rd TRowan Milton Beniot, James River-Midlothian (VA)125
53rd TArmaan Sethi, Potomac (VA)125
53rd TSamvrit Rao, Thomas Jefferson HS for Science & Tech (VA)125
80th TNeil Alapatt, Bellermaine College Prep (CA)100
80th TZane Hensley Bellermaine College Prep (CA)100
80th TAyushi Garg, Granada Hills Charter (CA)100
80th TEsther Zhu, Tulsa Washington (OK)100
80th TFrancesca Lopez, Ransom Everglades (FL)100
80th TKai Forbach, Durham (NC)100
80th TAbhikay Rana, Bellermaine College Prep (CA)100
80th TJia Sood, Trinity Prep (FL)100
80th TJonah Downs, Trinity Prep (FL)100
80th TEllie Sohn, Flintridge Prep (CA)100
80th TDaniel Song, East Ridge (MN)100
80th TIveena Mukherjee, Charter School of Wilmington (DC)100
80th TAradhya Goswami, Syosset (NY)100
80th TJasman Padam, Shrewsbury (MA)100
80th TTéa Shouldice, Half Hollow Hills HS East (NY)100
80th TElla Witalec, Laurel (OH)100
80th TEduardo Michelsen, Ransom Everglades (FL)100
80th TAshton Bolce, BASIS Scottsdale (AZ)100
80th TDaniela Holden, Berkeley Carroll (NY)100