The 2022-23 National Points Race is Back! & Methodology Changes

The Extemper’s Bible will again host a Nationals Points Race for the third year in a row. This point system will determine the country’s most consistent competitor across a series of nationally-recognized events. Following the model of the Extemp Central National Points Race, we will be using different tiers to determine the comparative difficulty of […]

National Points Race October Update: Paltzik Champions Bronx, Kind Takes Blue Key

While October only had two tier four tournaments that were in the National Points Race, we saw two familiar faces from last month at the top of both tournaments. The New York City Invitational (Bronx) was held from October 15th through the 17th. In first place was Yale champion McKinley Paltzik of Phoenix Country Day […]

National Points Race

The National Points Race is Live! + Methodology

This article explains the format and methodology behind the 2020-21 National Points Race, hosted by the Extemper’s Bible.