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Practice makes Perfect – A Collection of Practice Routines

Kevin asks some of his favorite extempers what they’ve done to practice for TOCs. Definitely not a last minute Spring Break grind session…

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MBA Invite List Released!

The Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) Round Robin is a 16 person, invite-only tournament, widely recognized as the most prestigious in the nation. The tournament will take place virtually from January 2nd to January 4th. Extempers will compete in 10 rounds, with 4 rooms in total and 4 competitors to a room. Check out the invite […]

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Extemp Sources

Need some sources to file? Look no further!

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How to Talk About Elections (Responsibly)

Bradley Wascher is a professional elections analyst and an alum of extemp speaking, where he competed for 6 years. He was gracious enough to lend his time & write up an article for the Extemper’s Bible, where he combines his unique political insights and years of experience in extemp to provide stellar electoral analysis.