Weekly Questions: March 20th – March 26th

Happy practicing!


  1. Should the FDIC have reimbursed Silicon Valley Bank and Signature depositors?
  2. Will Ron DeSantis be punished politically for his lack of support for Ukraine?
  3. Should the Biden administration have pursued the Willow project?
  4. Are voluntary price reductions for insulin a suitable alternative to federal legislation?
  5. Will the EPA’s new rules governing “forever chemicals” be effective?


  1. How optimistic should the international community be about the resumption of Saudi-Iranian relations?
  2. Will Emmanuel Macron regret his unilateral move to raise France’s retirement age?
  3. Is El Salvador’s gang crackdown a model worth replicating?
  4. Will AUKUS successfully counter Chinese influence in the South China Sea?
  5. Will Japan and South Korea successfully collaborate on security issues?

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