Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: March 6th – March 12th

Happy practicing!


  1. Does Congress’s new rail safety bill go far enough?
  2. Did the Biden administration place too many restrictions on computer chipmakers?
  3. How strong is the case against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s constitutionality?
  4. How will the arrival of anti-obesity drugs impact American society?
  5. What can LGBTQ advocacy groups do to combat Republican lawmakers’ attacks on drag?


  1. Will Rishi Sunak’s new Northern Ireland border agreement last?
  2. Should the Ukrainian military retreat from Bakhmut?
  3. Does the international community need to take action in light of recent reports of highly enriched uranium in Iran?
  4. Will Ajay Banga be an effective leader of the World Bank?
  5. How will Li Qiang’s rise to China’s premiership impact the CCP?

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