Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: October 24th – October 30th

Happy practicing!


  1. Is North Carolina a lost cause for the Democrats?
  2. Will Biden’s use of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve affect the outcome of the midterms?
  3. Will legal challenges to the structure of the CFPB prevail?
  4. Why is the Amazon unionization movement faltering?
  5. How concerned should the White House be about the investigation into Hunter Biden?


  1. Will Rishi Sunak do a better job leading Britain than Liz Truss?
  2. Would stronger Western support make a difference in protests against the Iranian government?
  3. Will an election commission’s ruling against Imran Khan worsen unrest in Pakistan?
  4. Can anything be done to stop the growing influence of Chad’s repressive military junta?
  5. Will the US and China be able to work together on climate change?

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