Weekly Questions: October 17th – October 23rd

Happy practicing!


  1. Will scandal be enough to sink Herschel Walker’s chances in Georgia?
  2. Should the FTC allow the merger of Kroger and Albertsons?
  3. Has Biden started a new Chinese trade war with his new rules on semiconductor technologies?
  4. How should federal policymakers respond to faltering college readiness levels among high schoolers?
  5. What impact will the Biden administration’s new rules concerning independent contractors have on the US economy?


  1. Was firing Kwasi Kwarteng the right move for Liz Truss?
  2. Is the war effort in Ukraine too reliant on Elon Musk?
  3. What does the latest CCP National Congress signal about China’s future?
  4. Why is the civil war in Tigray worsening?
  5. Is Biden’s new National Security Strategy the right doctrine?

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