Weekly Questions: May 23rd – May 29th

Happy practicing!


  1. What can federal policymakers do to curb the spread of “replacement theory” and other white supremacist ideologies?
  2. Is the “crypto dip” temporary or here to stay?
  3. How harmful would a hypothetical Trump return to Twitter be?
  4. Should the Biden administration lift Chinese tariffs to curb domestic inflation?
  5. Is Elizabeth Warren’s Price Gouging Prevention Act a good idea?


  1. How concerned should Russia about Finland and Sweden’s decision to apply for NATO membership?
  2. Who is best equipped to reverse stalling vaccination rates in low-income countries?
  3. How will the loss of Hezbollah’s parliamentary majority in Lebanon affect the country’s economic future?
  4. How significant of an impact is China’s zero-COVID policy having on domestic economic growth?
  5. What should Anthony Albanese’s top priority be as Australia’s new Prime Minister?

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