Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: May 16th – May 22nd

Happy practicing!


  1. What can federal policymakers do to address the shortage of baby formula?
  2. Should Democratic policymakers make abortion a central part of their campaign messaging for this year’s midterms?
  3. What lessons can Democrats learn from the Pennsylvania Senate primary?
  4. Are state governments spending their revenue windfalls responsibly?
  5. Are the Biden administration’s new rules on charter schools too restrictive?


  1. Should international surrogacy be legal?
  2. Should the US send more weapons to the Donbas?
  3. Can Hassan Sheikh Mhamud weaken Al-Shabab’s grip on Somalia?
  4. Why are Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats struggling in Germany?
  5. What steps does the North Korean government need to take to contain its growing Covid outbreak?

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