Weekly Questions: February 28th – March 6th

Happy practicing!


  1. Should Clarence Thomas step down from the Supreme Court in light of recent relevations about his wife’s involvement in election protests?
  2. What impact will Ketanji Brown Jackson have on the Supreme Court?
  3. How concerned should American national security be about rising pro-Russia sentiment within the Republican party?
  4. How should Democrats interpret the results of the primary in Texas’s 28th Congressional district?
  5. What effects will the Russian invasion of Ukraine have on the U.S. economy?


  1. Will the Ukraine-Russia situation significantly increase the likelihood of an invasion of Taiwan?
  2. How effective will the new sanctions regime against Russia be?
  3. How large of a role will Russian popular opinion play in shaping the outcome of the conflict in Ukraine?
  4. What can be done to mitigate the Ukrainian conflict’s impacts on global food supply?
  5. How large of an effect will Russia’s removal from SWIFT have on its economy?

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