Wiki #2: Russia and Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine have definitely made the news cycle in the last month. So, what’s going on? And why is everyone angry?

Russia has invaded Ukraine.

Following a speech in which Putin espoused a historical and cultural connection to the state of Ukraine, Russia recognized two breakaway states in the country, the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. Then, Russia signed a defensive agreement with both new ‘countries’, and now that agreement is being enforced. Russia has ordered troops to enter the region for ‘peacekeeping operations’, though given the circumstance it’s practically an invasion.

Still, countries have had delayed responses. Most have come short of calling the action an invasion. The U.S. has imposed sanctions on two Russian banks and all economic activity with the breakaway states. The E.U. is expected to adopt sanctions on more banks and entities aimed at preventing Russia from financing war. Germany’s government made the decision to halt the certification of Nord Stream 2, a natural gas pipeline controlled by the state-owned Gazprom.

On the front lines, Ukraine is bracing for war. A state of emergency will soon go into effect and the military is now conscripting all reserve troops.

Update (2/24): Russia has announced further military operations in Eastern Ukraine and shelling has been heard in Kyiv.

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