Weekly Questions: October 4th – October 10th

We apologize for the delay in posting questions. Happy practicing!

We apologize for the delay in posting!


  1. Will Biden’s vaccine mandate come back to haunt him politically?
  2. Why are Congressional debt politics getting more dangerous?
  3. What steps need to be taken to better separate monetary policymakers from outside financial interests?
  4. How should American policymakers respond to the 2020 spike in murders?
  5. Can Congress overcome corporate opposition to their proposed tax increases?


  1. Is Argentinian President Alberto Fernández’s political mandate about to crumble?
  2. What steps should the Lebanese government take to mitigate the impacts of its economic meltdown?
  3. Should Xi Jinping’s “three red lines” policy for leverage crackdown be kept in place?
  4. Should Kristalina Georgieva resign as the head of the IMF?
  5. Can anything be done to stop democracy from unraveling in Tunisia?

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