The Extemper’s Bible is Looking for Help!

Interested in helping us? Keep reading for more!

We’re looking to grow our website, but that will mean getting more help! As such, we are looking for staff writers willing to write articles for our website. These articles would center around analysis of current events, extemp strategy, and pieces of information & advice you figure the extemp community would be better off knowing! The expectation would be that you could write an article every 4-6 weeks.

What’s in it for you?

Beyond giving back to the extemp community, we know that this volunteer-based position would look great on your college applications and help you become a better extemper (after all, teaching is the best form of learning). As you continue to help out, there will be future leadership positions available as well that will stand out even more!

Interested? Simply add your name and email below, and we’ll be sure to contact you promptly!

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