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The Extemper’s Handbook

After months of careful deliberation and thoughtful editing, nationally-acclaimed extempers Sam Padmanabhan, Kevin Bi, and Alex Yang wrote a handbook for extempers of all skill that we’ve published in this article. Enjoy!

Whether you’re a seasoned extemp captain or a fresh-faced novice, extemporaneous speaking can be a daunting activity. Resources like the Extemper’s Bible have sought to demystify this activity, and we have worked in close collaboration with others to achieve that mandate. In Padmanabhan, Bi, and Yang’s extemp treatise, they systemically cover the following issues:

  • What is Extemp?
  • Questions
  • The Extemp Speech
  • Sourcing and Research
  • Practice Makes Better
  • Tournaments and Tabulation and Technology, Oh My!
  • Advice
  • Starter Source List

With over 15 years of collective extemp experience between the three of them and finals appearances at tournaments ranging from Harvard to Glenbrooks, we hope you enjoy this work as much as we do!

By Ananth Veluvali

Founder, the Extemper's Bible.

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