Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: March 15th – 21st

Happy practicing!


  1. What will be the long-term fiscal implications of President Biden’s new stimulus bill?
  2. Why are non-fungible tokens growing in popularity so quickly?
  3. How will Merrick Garland change U.S. antitrust policy?
  4. Has the federal government done enough to support the dining industry?
  5. Has the mainstream media been too pessimistic in reporting about the coronavirus?


  1. Can Germany’s Christian Democratic Union staunch its electoral losses?
  2. Are international attempts at vaccine passport systems succeeding?
  3. Does Brazil’s Lula de Silva still have a political future ahead of him?
  4. What lessons should the global health community learn from low coronavirus death rates in Africa and Asia?
  5. Can pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong do anything in response to China’s latest electoral changes in the territory?

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