Weekly Questions: November 3rd – November 10th

Written by James (Jimmy) Gao and Shreya Joshi.

We apologize for the delay in posting questions amid a chaotic Election Day weekend. Happy practicing!

US Extemp (Election Day Edition!)

  1. Do the electoral surges of Republican women in Congress signal that the party has reversed course with female voters?
  2. If Donald Trump loses the presidency but outperforms expectations, will he remain the de factor leader of the Republican Party?
  3. If Biden wins the presidency but Republicans maintain control of the Senate, what should the Biden administration’s first legislative priority?
  4. Will the unexpected tilt of Latinx and Black voters towards Republicans be an aberration or the beginning of a new trend?
  5. What do the preliminary 2020 election results signal about the electoral future of the “Blue Wall”?

International Extemp

  1. What are the implications of the crackdown on journalism in Hong Kong?
  2. What changes can Johnson make to his covid policies to quell the growing revolt?
  3. Which country has the most stakes in the US election?
  4. Is the Indonesian legislative process now compromised?
  5. What can the International community do to help Nicaragua?

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