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An Interview with Gary Arndt: A Nationally-Renowned Extemp Coach and Award-Winning Travel Blogger

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to interview Gary Arndt, a nationally-acclaimed former extemp coach. While coaching several state champions and national finalists is certainly an accomplishment in itself, it’s Gary’s other exploits that make him a truly interesting interviewee. From traveling to over 130 countries to running his own successful podcast (Everything Everywhere), Gary is a truly knowledgable source of information. Below is a link to Part 1 of our interview (also found on all major streaming platforms)—this is an episode you won’t want to miss! 

Russia Sucks and Here’s Why | The Global Toll of War The Extemper's Bible

In a special spin-off episode of our news series, Kevin delves into the Russo-Ukrainian war just in time for you to absorb the info before TOCs. Take notes, simply memorize, whatever. Just don't use any of this if you hit Kevin or Chirag in a room.
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