Keeping Up with the Ethiopians

In part 2 of her “Keeping Up” series, Siri Ural analyzes the rocky history, recent developments, and future prospects of Ethiopia following their recent peace deal.

How to: Humor

From local to national circuits, humor has quickly become a staple in Extemporaneous Speaking. In this article, Siri Ural breaks down humorous content in speeches, with a few added sources for inspiration.

Extemp Content and Strategy Topic Analyses

Keeping Up With the Republicans

Following chaotic Speaker of the House elections, the future of the Republican party remains highly uncertain. In this topic analysis, Siri Ural investigates causes and consequences of divisions in the right wing.

Extemp Content and Strategy Miscellaneous

Narrating the Numbers

As we enter an intense competitive period of the national circuit season, Siri Ural discusses the importance of utilizing context to create pathos arguments.