National Points Race

Congratulations to the winners of the NPR (2022-2023) !

The Extemper’s Bible’s 2022-2023 National Points Race has come to a close! Below are the champions and high placers. 

Congratulations to Mckinley Paltzik of the Phoenix Country Day School (AZ), on being the second ever extemper to break 5 digits on the NPR, garnering an even 10,000 points. She is also the second ever extemper to complete a grandslam (apart from Kevin Troy who competed for Eagan High School (MN)), winning 2 NSDA titles, and going undefeated at the Extemp TOC, National Catholic Grand Finals (NCFLs), and the Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) Round Robin. She has also placed 1st at Yale, Bronx, Glenbrooks, Barkley, and Harvard, before closing out with another national title (she was also the President’s Bowl winner). These accolades give her a 3,800 point lead, making for a very impressive first place finish. 

In second place is Sruti Peddi from BASIS Scottsdale (AZ). Peddi finished with a total of 6,400 points, and finished in the top six at Bronx, Glenbrooks, UT (in both extemp divisions), Harvard, UKTOC, and ETOC. She also got an invite to the MBA round robin, and was a quarterfinalist at NSDA (USX) and Yale. 

Theodore Gercken from College Prep (CA) rounds out our top three competitors with 6,025 points. The gap between second and third was incredibly small, amounting to less than 200 points. Gercken was the TOC bid leader for this season, garnering 11 bids.  He finished in the final round of Duke, Bronx, UT, Barkley, and Stanford. He also semifinaled at Yale, the ETOC and NCFLs, and quarterfinaled at the UKTOC. Most notably, however, Gercken was fourth at the MBA round robin, and came in third at NSDA in USX. 

Another top performer was Gabriel Bo, of Plano West High School (TX). Bo has had a string of successes in the points race, earning 5,500 points. He championed UT (USX), and had a top six finish at UT (IX) and Barkley, and semifinaled Yale and Harvard. He also took 5th place at the MBA round robin, 2nd place at the ETOC, and came in 4th at NSDA (IX), improving from a 6th place finish last year. 

Coming in 5th is Pheona Lin, also from Plano West High School (TX), earning 5,375 points. Lin finaled at UT and Harvard, along with a semifinal finish at Yale. Other than that, Lin was also 2nd at the MBA round robin, 3rd at the ETOC, and rounded out the season with a 2nd place finish at NSDA (IX). 

In 6th, we have Kyle Letterer, who is also from Plano West (TX), garnering 4950 ponts. Letterer is the 2023 NSDA champion in IX, and he championed UT (IX), and finaled at Duke, Yale and Barkley. He semifinaled Harvard, and placed 3rd at the MBA round robin!

Amy Cao from Ridge (NJ) clocks out at 7th place with 4,400 points. Cao has had an impressive season, championing Princeton, and finaling at Harvard, UKTOC, and NCFL. She also quarterfinaled Yale and octafinaled NSDA (IX). Additionally, Cao was an MBA invitee for the 2022-2023 season. 

In 8th place is Taylor Burris from the Potomac School (VA), with 4,350 points. She championed the GMU Patriot Games and Cavalier, and finaled Blue Keys, Harvard, Duke, NCFL, and ETOC. She also was a quarterfinalist at the UKTOC, and NSDA, along with gaining an invite to the MBA round robin.

Kevin Li, also from Ridge (NJ) comes in at 9th place. Li has had an impressive season, earning 3,625 points. He finaled at Yale, Bronx, Princeton, Harvard, and NCFL. He was also invited to the MBA round robin.

Rounding out our top 10, we have Rohit Vakkalagadda from Bellarmine College Prep (CA), earning 3,400 points. He championed Cal, and was in the top six at UKTOC and NSDA (IX). Vakkalagadda also gained an MBA invite. 

Listed below are our 11-25 competitors:

11th: Pierce McDade (University School, Illinois), 3,300 points

  • Season highlights: 1st at UKTOC, 5th at Glenbrooks, semifinals at the ETOC, MBA invitee

12th: Katherine Lee (Plano West HS, Texas), 2,725 points

  • Season highlights: 6th at NSDA (USX), 6th at UT (USX), 4th at NIETOC, 3rd at Yale, semifinals at ETOC

13th: Jonathan Tubb (St. Mary’s Hall, Texas), 2,500 points

  • Season highlights: 4th at MBA, 2nd at Yale, 2nd at NIETOC, 10th at nationals

14th: Aidan Marks (Benilde-St. Margaret’s, Minnesota), 2,450 points

  • Season highlights: 1st at Stanford (IX), 4th at ETOC, 6th at NCFL

15th T: Jack Ververis (Trinity Prep, Florida), 2,200 points

  • Season highlights: 1st at Blue Keys, 2nd at Barkley, MBA invitee, 7th at NSDA (IX)

15th T: Charlotte Reitman (NSU, Florida), 2,200 points

  • Season highlights: 1st at UK Season Opener, 6th at Glenbrooks, 3rd at Stanford (IX), semis at Blue Key, semis at Barkley

17th: Gordy Sun (Harker, California), 2,025 points 

  • Season highlights: 2nd at UKTOC, 3rd at MLK (IX), 3rd at Stanford (IX), 5th at Cal, 

18th: Dev Ahuja (Solon, Ohio), 1,750 points

  • Season highlights: 1st at Duke, MBA invitee, semis at nationals

19th: Faye Zhang (Eastview, Minnesota), 1,700 points

  • Season highlights: 6th at Barkley, 2nd at NSDA (USX)

20th: Tyler Crivella (Seven Lakes, Texas), 1,575 points

  • Season highlights: 3rd at Glenbrooks, quarterfinals at UKTOC, quarters at NSDA (USX)

21st: Xavier Ramirez (Pittsburgh Central Catholic, Pennsylvania), 1,450 points

  • Season highlights: semifinals at UKTOC, semifinals at NCFL, semifinals at NSDA (IX)

22nd: Vikram Sundaram (Solon, Ohio), 1,400 points

  • Season highlights: MBA invitee, semifinalist at Harvard, quarterfinalist at NSDA (USX)

23rd: Varun Nannuri (Shrewsbury, Massachusetts), 1,350 points

  • Season highlights: quarterfinals at Yale, 5th at NCFL, semifinalist at NSDA (IX)

24th: Brandon Cheng (Flintridge Prep, California), 1,325 points

  • Season highlights: 3rd at Blue Keys, 4th at UT (IX), octafinals at NSDA (USX)

25th: Stephen Frank (Whitmer, Ohio), 1,250 points

  • Season highlights: 6th at NSDA (IX), semifinals at NCFL, 

And now, our top 50 contestants…

26th: Isaiah Sohn (Redlands, California), 1,225 points

27th: Nathan Cai (Brophy, Arizona), 1,175 points

28th: Siddharth Sudhakar (Nova, Florida), 1,150 points

29th: Meghana Kunapareddy (Tompkins, Texas), 1,100 points

30th: Raghav Ramki (Plano East, Texas), 1,050 points

31st T: Joy Hu (Harker, California),  1,000 points

31st T: Srinath Hariharan (Woodbury, Minnesota), 1,000 points

31st T: Siri Ural (Shrewsbury, Massachusetts), 1,000 points

34th: Kaaviya Shenbaharaman (Plano West, Texas), 975 points

35th: Conner Hise (Denver East, Colorado), 950 points

36th: Karam Weiget (Jackson-Reed, DC), 850 points

37th: Sumedh Seetharam, (Scottsdale Prep, Arizona), 825 points

38th: Chole Leng (Hawken, ), 775 points

39th T: Abraham Zhang (Jasper, Texas), 750 points

39th T: Nirja Trivedi (Westview, California), 750 points

39th T: Anastasia Koch (Eagan, Minnesota), 750 points

42nd T: Ece Sarioglu (Lake Highland Prep, Florida), 700 points

42nd T: Francis Olakangil (Bellarmine College Prep, California), 700 points

44th: Sebastian Barnes (La Salle, Pennsylvania), 675 points

45th T: Caleb Chung (Pine Creek, Colorado), 650 points

45th T: John Cooper (Tuloso Midway, Texas), 650 points

47th T: Grant Killorn (Marquette, Wisconsin), 600 points

47th T: Isabel Mestey-Color (Lake Highland Prep, Florida), 600 points

47th T: Ali Malik (Monte Vista), 600 points

47th T: Sophia Gerrans (George Washington), 600 points

We had a total of 129 competitors compete on the NPR. Thank you for a wonderful season!

(If you would like to see how you placed, check out this spreadsheet:

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