Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: February 20th – February 26th

Happy practicing!


  1. Was Biden right to make targeting “hidden fees” a policy priority?
  2. Is the U.S. labor market too tight for central bankers to tame inflation?
  3. Does the Supreme Court need an ethics code?
  4. What can be done to address the mental health crisis among young girls?
  5. What policy reforms, if any, should be enacted in response to the environmental disaster in East Palestine?


  1. Did the U.S. respond too forcefully to the Chinese spy balloon incident?
  2. Can Chinese support tip the scales in Russia’s favor in Ukraine?
  3. Is Peter Obi the right choice to lead Nigeria?
  4. What impact will the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon have on the Scottish independence movement?
  5. Will the U.S. be able to exert influence to revert Israel’s judicial reforms?

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