Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: February 13th – February 19th

Happy practicing!


  1. Did Biden make an effective case for his re-election in his State of the Union address?
  2. What steps should be taken to reform Medicare and Social Security?
  3. Is Biden’s “Buy American” economic policy a good idea?
  4. Can Nikki Haley become the Republican presidential nominee?
  5. How can large cities better equip themselves for an uptick in migrants?


  1. How will the earthquake in Turkey affect Erdogan’s political future?
  2. Should sanctions be lifted on the Assad regime to improve access to humanitarian aid?
  3. Will the revival of the U.S.-Philippines military alliance effectively counter China’s influence in South Asia?
  4. How should the EU respond to the government’s collapse in Moldova?
  5. Why have Russia’s military efforts in Africa been so successful?

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