Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: January 9th – January 15th

Happy practicing!


  1. Did the Republicans make the right choice in sticking by Kevin McCarthy?
  2. Should the Biden administration end Title 42?
  3. How optimistic should financial policymakers be about the recent slowdown in wage inflation?
  4. What, if anything, should Congress do about George Santos?
  5. How can NFL policies and rules be designed to reduce the risk of serious injury?


  1. How should pro-democracy forces respond to Bolsonaro supporters’ recent riot?
  2. How effective has the CCP been at re-opening China?
  3. Will the Ukraine-Russia war end in 2023?
  4. How will Israel’s new far-right government impact its foreign policy relationships?
  5. How will the death of Pope Benedict change the future direction of the Catholic Church?

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