Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: November 14th – November 20th

Happy practicing!


  1. Why did the “red wave” fail to materialize?
  2. How will the outcomes of the 2022 midterms affect Biden’s next two years in office?
  3. How concerned should public health officials be about a recent uptick in RSV?
  4. What impact will New York’s new pay transparency law have on the labor market?
  5. What steps can institutions of higher education take to maintain diversity in the event that affirmative action is struck down?


  1. How important is Russia’s retreat from Kherson to ending the war in Ukraine?
  2. Will rich nations’ promise of direct climate aid be enough to achieve climate justice?
  3. Is China’s zero-COVID policy finally coming to an end?
  4. Will efforts to boycott the World Cup have any impact?
  5. Should David Malpass be replaced as leader of the World Bank?

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