Weekly Questions: April 25th – May 1st

Happy practicing!


  1. What policy should the Biden administration adopt toward outstanding federal student loans?
  2. Who will win the political war between the Floridian government and Disney?
  3. Is Barack Obama right to blame disinformation for the Democrats’ political ills?
  4. After the end of the federal mask mandate, what does the future of America’s COVID-19 policy look like?
  5. What do Netflix’s disappointing earnings portend for the future of the streaming industry?


  1. What steps does the international community need to take to reduce the impact of economic sanctions on civilians?
  2. How will the Russian invasion of Ukraine affect Russia’s relationship with Venezuela?
  3. What issues does Emmanuel Macron need to prioritize during his second term as the President of France?
  4. Will transferring authority to the Presidential Leadership Council help Yemen’s leaders end the country’s civil war?
  5. Will New Zealand and Japan’s new intelligence-sharing agreement stave off Chinese military encroachment in the Asia-Pacific?

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