Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: April 11th – April 17th

Happy practicing!


  1. Is the expanded Child Tax Credit dead for good?
  2. Should more governments adopt children’s savings accounts for college education?
  3. Does the future of the entertainment industry lie in streaming services?
  4. Will the US enter a recession in 2023?
  5. What does the renewal of Title 42 signal for the future of Biden’s immigration policy?


  1. What’s next for Pakistan after the ouster of Imran Khan?
  2. What steps should the international community take to respond to the massacre in Bucha?
  3. How will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affect the tenure of “illiberal” leaders like Viktor Orban and Aleksander Vucic in Europe?
  4. How fearful should the international community be of a Marine Le Pen victory in the French presidential runoff?
  5. Will popular resistance in Shanghai force China to end its zero-covid policies?

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