Weekly Questions

Weekly Questions: March 14th – March 20th

Happy practicing!


  1. Is sports betting becoming too prevalent in America?
  2. Should the U.S. resume purchasing oil from Venezuela?
  3. To what degree are corporate price gouges contributing to the U.S.’s inflation woes?
  4. Is Congress becoming too reliant on omnibus spending bills?
  5. Will we see more “Don’t Say Gay” bills in state legislatures in the coming months?


  1. What will be the ramifications of new anti-Russia energy policies on the global fight against climate change?
  2. Why are eastern European “illiberal democracies” turning against Putin?
  3. How effective will anti-Russia actions by Big Tech companies be in ending the war in Ukraine?
  4. When should the WHO declare the end of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  5. How concerned should the West be about India’s warmth towards Vladimir Putin?

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