Weekly Questions: February 21st – February 27th

Happy practicing!


  1. How can the US address a rise in “bad behavior”?
  2. Should state legislatures pass more private right of action bills?
  3. What will be the consequences of Congress’s increasing reliance on short-term spending bills?
  4. What should Biden’s legal immigration policy be in 2022?
  5. Who should replace Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles?


  1. Will the Israeli-Turkish relationship meaningfully improve in the near future?
  2. Is the strengthening Russia-China alliance here to stay?
  3. Is Vlodymyr Zelensky right to criticize the West’s response to Russian aggression?
  4. Which candidate should win in Costa Rica’s presidential runoff?
  5. Is Hong Kong’s recent Omicron outbreak a death knell for zero-covid policies?

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