Weekly Questions: February 7th – February 13th

Happy practicing!

We apologize for the extreme delay in posting these questions. Questions will still be published on Monday mornings moving forward. Thanks!


  1. Why hasn’t the US Innovation and Competition Act passed yet?
  2. Is Spotify music removal an effective form of protest?
  3. Who should Biden nominate to replace Stephen Breyer?
  4. Does Meta’s recent earnings report signal that the metaverse will be a failure?
  5. What steps do professional sports leagues need to take to stop racial discrimination in hiring?


  1. Should the international community feel threatened by North Korea’s latest missile test?
  2. Can Emmanuel Macron be an effective mediator for recent tensions between Russia and the West?
  3. What do the Freedom Convoy protests signal for the future of Canadian politics?
  4. What will be the political ramifications of the rising anti-feminist movement in South Korea?
  5. Should the US lift all Trump-era sanctions on Iran?

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