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Our Podcast is Back!

After reflecting this summer, we’ve got some exciting updates about our podcast! Read more to find out.

It would be an understatement to describe the 2020-2021 speech season as challenging. Navigating the virtual speech world was daunting! This also meant that, at times, the staff on our team (all of whom are either current or former extemp competitors) were busy.

While we tried to provide high-quality resources to the extemp community in all areas—through our website, our camps and extemp seminars, our social media, and our podcast—we had to prioritize some areas over others. Unfortunately, this meant that we were unable to post as much as we would have liked to on our podcast, especially toward the later half of the 2020-2021 speech season.

Luckily, after months of introspection and team discussions, our podcast is back and stronger than ever before! You can check out our first episode of Season 2 on your favorite podcast streaming service. You can also keep reading to see some of the exciting updates we’ve made!

First up, some fresh faces!

For Season 2 of our podcast, we’ve got some new hosts! Chirag Choudhary (Unionville HS, PA) and Kevin Li (Ridge HS, NJ)—both of whom are pictured below—are excited to join the team and provide their voice to the extemp community.

Chirag Choudhary
Kevin Li

Secondly, a new posting schedule!

Last season’s posting schedule was, to say the least, inconsistent. We’re optimistic that will change with this season. You can expect ‘main’ episodes of the Extemper’s Bible twice a month on Fridays, and you can expect a news-focused episode of the Extemper’s Bible at the last month of every Friday.

Third off, a different type of content

Last season, episodes of our podcast could feel too long or information-heavy. While we do hope to still provide extempers with strategies to succeed in this activity, we’d like to do it in a more dynamic way. Starting in Season 2 of the Extemper’s Bible, episodes will be narrative-based and engrossing. Hopefully, that can be a welcome change!

Some concluding thoughts:

We’re very excited to have the podcast up-and-running again! As a reminder, our first episode of Season 2 is already out! You can listen to it on your favorite podcast venue. Happy listening, and please spread the word. We appreciate your support!

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