Weekly Questions: November 15th – November 21st

Happy practicing!


  1. Will Congress’s attempt to tax crypto trading succeed?
  2. What safety reforms does the festival industry need to take to prevent another Astroworld tragedy?
  3. Is it time to get rid of Daylight Savings Time?
  4. Is it time to start panicking about inflation?
  5. What reforms does Biden need to make to his immigration policy?


  1. How should the EU respond to the crisis at the Belarus-Poland border?
  2. What steps can Western leaders take to save Afghans from mass famine?
  3. How should the international community respond to the escalating war in Ethiopia?
  4. What do the breakups of Toshiba and GE signal for the future of global conglomerates?
  5. What does the US-China climate deal signal for the future of climate cooperation between the two nations?

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