Weekly Questions: November 8th – November 14th


  1. What do recent referendums on police reforms signal about the future of the Defund the Police movement?
  2. What lessons do the Democratic Party need to take away from the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial elections?
  3. Is paid family leave a winning issue for Democrats?
  4. Is admitting more immigrants the best response for America’s labor shortage?
  5. Will Biden’s big business vaccine mandate be ruled unconstitutional?


  1. Will rising energy prices in Europe derail the region’s climate efforts?
  2. Does China need to abandon its “zero Covid” policy?
  3. How will Owen Paterson’s scandal affect Boris Johnson’s prime ministership?
  4. What does the African National Congress need to do to recover its popularity in South Africa?
  5. Does the COP26 deforestation pledge have teeth?

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