Weekly Questions: September 20th – September 26th

Happy practicing!


  1. Will Biden’s progress on decreasing child poverty hold?
  2. Should California end recall campaigns?
  3. 10 years later, what is the biggest lasting impact Occupy Wall Street had on America?
  4. What reforms does the FBI need to take to avoid another USA Gymnastics-esque failure?
  5. What are the most urgent changes that the U.S. needs to make to its asylum system?


  1. What is the future of cryptocurrency in Afghanistan?
  2. What will the results of Norway’s recent election mean for the country’s future climate policies?
  3. Will Biden’s new nuclear submarine deal with Australia effectively counter China?
  4. Will anti-Putin political forces gain in Russia’s parliamentary elections?
  5. Can Pedro Castillo make his economic agenda a reality in Peru?

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