Weekly Questions: August 29th – September 4th


  1. Is a carbon border adjustment tax a good policy idea?
  2. What steps can the Biden administration take to prevent mass housing insecurity after the Supreme Court’s ruling against the eviction moratorium?
  3. Who will win the Democrats’ internal struggle between progressives and moderates?
  4. Should the Biden administration have authorized booster shots?
  5. Should Jerome Powell be reappointed as Chairman of the Fed?


  1. How great of a threat does ISIS-K pose to American national security?
  2. What lessons should the U.S. take away from its failed mission in Afghanistan?
  3. Is the E.U. ready for an influx of Afghan refugees?
  4. Will recent Thai protests against the monarchy go anywhere?
  5. What can the international community do to alleviate Haiti’s humanitarian crisis?

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