We’re Running a Free Seminar!

Read this article for some exciting updates from the Extemper’s Bible! Plus, a free economics presentation linked below!

Update #1: We’re running a free extemp seminar!

Introductions are arguably the most important part of any extemp speech. Done successfully, an introduction defines important terms related to the question, appropriately frames your speech, and sets your tone moving forward. In short, the introduction lays the groundwork for later analysis and delivery.

That’s why our first lecture—one of many in a weekly series—will be about the Art of Introductions! Hosted by NCFL National Champion, as well as NSDA and TOC Finalist, Ananth Veluvali & NSDA National Finalist and Glenbrooks Finalist, Peter Alisky, this is surely a lecture you won’t want to miss!

Interested? Sign up below! If you forget to sign up, use this link and the Meeting ID 874 6659 3162 to attend.

Update #2: Check out our free economics presentation!

We will also be uploading YouTube videos to our channel, the Extemper’s Bible. Our first video covers economics. The link to the video can be found here. The complementary presentation can be found here. Enjoy!

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