Weekly Questions: May 24th – 30th

Happy practicing!


  1. How will the Supreme Court’s decision to take up Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health affect abortion rights?
  2. Are name/image/likeness provisions the best way to compensate college athletes?
  3. How much political capital should the Biden administration spend on prosecuting Donald Trump and his allies?
  4. What can be done to return women to the workforce as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes?
  5. One year after George Floyd’s death, should Americans’ mass movement for racial justice be considered a success?


  1. Should the 2021 Olympics be cancelled?
  2. How has the latest eruption of violence in Gaza affected Israel’s relationships with its Arab neighbors?
  3. Is Joe Biden’s Middle East foreign policy in need of changing?
  4. Will the Brothers of Italy upend the country’s ruling conservative bloc?
  5. Is El Salvador beginning an irreversible descent into illiberalism?

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